Teacher Resources

This page contains resource packs for teachers linking key Chemical Engineering principles to specification points in both the GCSE and A Level national curriculum. These resource packs contain presentations, worksheets, experiments ideas as well as video demonstrations. All are free for a teacher to download and use. Feel free to adapt the content as you wish, but please do not remove any EngBAM or University of Birmingham branding.

If you would like a Chemical Engineer to come to your school and run the sessions with in person demonstrations, please see the contact us section to request a visit.

Alongside each resource is a teacher resource sheet. These are slide by slide crib sheets allowing the resources to be delivered by both students and staff of varying expert knowledge.

This resource pack focuses on the applications of electrochemistry, battery technology and how hydrogen power could lead us to a more sustainable future. Embedded within the PowerPoint presentation are a series of educational videos exploring issues surrounding the use of Hydrogen Fuel Cells as an alternative to electric cars.

This resource contains a presentation and a worksheet that will introduce the concepts of a life cycle assessment as well as looking at how a Chemical Engineer would look to cut emissions and increase process sustainability. With the world facing a climate crisis it is key to be able to understand how to quantify and reduce emissions.

This resource pack focuses on the drug development process and how tablets are manufactured. The presentation is built around PAG 6.1 from the OCR A Level practical endorsement programme. The PowerPoint presentation contains additional information looking at the future of healthcare and drug manufacture in industry.

This resource looks at the topic of food safety and how microbes are used in industry. Ensuring that the food we eat is safe is crucial! As Chemical Engineers it is crucial we understand how to stop microbial growth during food manufacture.

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