Hydrogen, Batteries and Electrochemistry

This resource pack focuses on the applications of electrochemistry, battery technology and how hydrogen power could lead us to a more sustainable future. Embedded within the PowerPoint presentation are a series of educational videos exploring issues surrounding the use of Hydrogen Fuel Cells as an alternative to electric cars.

Key Specification Points Covered:

OCR Chemistry A Level A – 5.2.3 Redox and electrode potentials: Storage and fuel cells

  • (j) Application of principles of electrode potentials to modern storage cells
    • Details of storage cells and required equations will be provided. Relevant electrode potentials and other data will be supplied.
    • Benefits of electrochemical cells countered by risks of toxicity and fire from Li-based cells.
  • (k) Explanation that a fuel cell uses the energy from the reaction of a fuel with oxygen to create a voltage and the change that take place at each electrode.
    • Recall of fuel cells and equations will not be required.
    • Relevant electrode potentials and other data will be supplied.
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