The good, the bad and the ugly

This resource looks at the topic of food safety and how microbes are used in industry. Ensuring that the food we eat is safe is crucial! As Chemical Engineers it is crucial we understand how to stop microbial growth during food manufacture.

Key Specification Points covered:

AQA GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition: 3.4 Food safety

  • Microorganisms and enzymes
    • The growth conditions for microorganisms and enzymes and the control of food spoilage
    • Bacteria, yeasts and moulds are microorganisms
    • High risk foods
    • Enzymes are biological catalysts usually made from protein.
  • Microorganisms in food production
    • The use of microorganisms in food production.
  • Bacterial contamination
    • The main sources and methods of control of different food poisoning bacteria types
  • Buying and storing food
    • The food safety principles when buying and storing food.
  • Preparing, cooking and serving food
    • The food safety principles when preparing, cooking and serving food.
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