Gloved hand holding a test tube with crushed powder inside

The EngBAM Project

University of Birmingham School of Chemical Engineering

Engineering is a practical application of the science that all students learn at school. Chemical Engineering is a hugely profitable industry focussed on the scaling up of chemical reactions to an industrial scale. Whether that is the biochemical action of yeast in baking bread, developing healthcare technologies, or the production of green fuel, Chemical Engineering is changing the world.

EngBAM has created activities, resources and demonstrations for both students and teachers interested in Chemistry, Maths, Physics and Engineering. The resources created by EngBAM all link key Chemical Engineering principles and research to points of the UK national curriculum. At a variety of levels, we aim to give insights into current research, explain degree and career options and generally enthuse the next generation to study Chemical Engineering!

The EngBAM mission:
  • Inspire the next generation of STEM students
  • Increase the public awareness and knowledge of Chemical Engineering as a discipline
  • Enthuse students by linking curriculum points to industry examples and research projects
  • Increase the public understanding of Chemical Engineering by showcasing current research from the School of Chemical Engineering at the University of Birmingham

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