Welcome to EngBAM!

EngBAM is an outreach project that has been created in partnership with ChemBAM at the University of Birmingham with the purpose of inspiring the next generation of Engineers. Our mission is to enthuse students to pursue a career in STEM subjects as well as engaging the public with the exciting discipline of Engineering!

EngBAM is an ever growing bank of resources for the use of teachers and students alike. Currently this website has been populated with Chemical Engineering resources but it is anticipated that this will expand to include other Engineering disciplines. If you are currently looking for other Engineering disciplines, visit the University of Birmingham website to see relevant resources.

This website contains resource packs and activities that can be utilised by both students and teachers. Our teacher resources include lesson plans that link Chemical Engineering to GCSE and A Level specification points. Students will find information about what Chemical Engineering is as well as admissions tips and other helpful resources.

All of our resources our free to use and download for use both in the classroom and at home under a creative commons licence.