Personal Statement Top Tips

We know that writing a personal statement can be a daunting task! So we asked our admissions team for some top tips on how to write an outstanding Chemical Engineering personal statement!

Professor Pelan’s Top Tips:

1. What is Chemical Engineering?

It is crucial that you demonstrate a clear understanding of the subject you are applying to! Take some time to research the Chemical Engineering industry to gain an insight into what Chemical Engineers do and the disciplines this subject area encompasses.

2. Chemical Engineering through history

Although Chemical Engineering is a relatively new discipline, a number of key historic discoveries have been made by Chemical Engineers. Having an appreciation of where Chemical Engineering has come from is crucial in order to take the industry forward.

3. What does the future of Chemical Engineering look like?

You will be the next generation of Chemical Engineers. Therefore, it is pivotal to understand where the subject will be required in the future. What key projects and areas of research do you think Chemical Engineers will be involved with in the future?

4. It is a PERSONAL statement, so make it personal!

We want to know about you! What makes you different? Many of your peers applying for this course will have similar academic achievements, so what is it about you that will stand out? Tell us about hobbies, sports, societies, extra-curricular activity. Give the admissions team an insight into the person behind the application.       


  • Keep it concise and authentic
    • Our admissions teams can read dozens of personal statements a day! Think about making the key points in your personal statement stand out. By removing waffle it will help your key points stand out.
  • Reference extra material such as relevant books or articles
    • We are interested in your understanding of what Chemical Engineering involves (don’t worry about details!), so tell us about any books, articles or demonstrations you have read or watched to deepen your understanding. However, tell us what you learnt from the books, don’t just provide a list of books!
  • Be unique!
    • I know it’s easier said than done! But talk to us about you and your personal experiences. We want to know about you as a person, tell us about what you do that sets you apart outside of the school environment.


  • Don’t go into too much detail!
    • We are not intrested in the specific details of the A Level course or the contents of a specific article. Everything you need to know for the course will be taught once you get to University. Demonstrate your understanding of what the subject is, rather than individual details. Look at the big picture!
  • Don’t go off topic
    • Make sure everything on your personal statement is either giving an insight into you, or is linked to Chemical Engineering.

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