Hydrogen – a fuel for now?

With an ever worsening climate crisis, the world is looking for alternatives to fossil fuels. The transport sector contributes large amounts of CO2 emissions and air pollutants, so what does the future need to look like in order to keep the world moving, sustainably?

There are many different options when it comes to powering our cars from petrol and diesel to electric batteries and even ethanol. Although the future of electric vehicles looks bright, there are still some issues that need to be solved, including charging times and vehicle range as well as an ever decreasing supply of Lithium. So do we need to look at other alternative to power our cars?

Large amounts of research has been done into powering vehicles using hydrogen fuel cells. Watch the video below to find out more on how hydrogen power can be harnessed in the transport sector.

A common perceived downside of hydrogen powered transport are safety concerns. The following video looks at the dangers of using hydrogen as a fuel source.

Is hydrogen any more or less dangerous compared to other fuel options?

Unlike petrol and diesel, hydrogen is gas. This causes an issue on how to store hydrogen within a car. What is a more important tank size or mass?

Watch the following video to find out more about how we can store hydrogen.

Now you know more about how hydrogen power can be harnessed for use in the transport sector, do you think hydrogen is a fuel of the future?

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